Organising events is a part of our startups’ journey: these could be public talks, meetups, workshops, lectures, demo days… you name it. Whatever they are, we like to boast about them, and pin them on this page.

Bringing gamification to real life sports @ Online
Oct 29 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

@LEET is a platform where you will be able to create and/or join recreational football matches between friends and discover other players through a gamified social experience. For more info
Industry leader Speakers
Dr. Alexander Pfeiffer, MA, MBA
Dr. Costantino Oliva, MA, MSc, PhD
Mr. Ivan Filletti (GAMINGMALTA, COO)
I) Social aspects of games
II) Blending real-life activities with digital games
III) Building a gaming startup
Our event “Bringing gamification to real-life sports” will introduce our concept, whilst guest speakers will discuss the relevance of digital games and their impact on our lives. @Leet will be hosting this webinar in collaboration with GamingMalta, University of Malta: Institute of Digital Games, YouStartIT and MITA
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