Organising events is a part of our startups’ journey: these could be public talks, meetups, workshops, lectures, demo days… you name it. Whatever they are, we like to boast about them, and pin them on this page.

A deep dive in Blockchain fundamentals, how transactions work and what value genuine DLT use cases bring. @ Emerging Technologies Lab
Jan 28 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm


This lecture is aimed at anyone with or without previous knowledge of blockchain.

We will start with the most basic aspects of blockchain fundamentals from a technical perspective, to later focus on the more advanced aspects that are crucial for blockchains to function.

We will explore many concrete concepts, for example how transactions work.

Learning outcomes of this lecture will be:

  • A theoretical and technical overview of blockchains
  • The fundamental structure behind how blockchains work
  • What value and new features blockchains actually bring

With this knowledge, we will further explore and dive into a sobering and critical discussion of the limitations of blockchain and when their use is a bad idea.  Also, what happens if you try to create a blockchain without a cryptocurrency?


Should you wish to attend, please register your attendance by sending an email on


Riktig Pitch at Demo Day December 2019

Riktig Pitch at Demo Day December 2019

This is a lecture organised by MITA YouStartIT startup founders of Riktig as part of their Social Impact Agenda.  Riktig founders are Viktor Tigerstrom and John Larsson who are both post-graduate students of the University of Uppsala in Sweden, one of the top ranked universities in the world.