Blockchain story: Sweden to Malta via Asia

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By John Larsson, co-founder of Riktig My co-founder Viktor Tigerström and I have been working on a solution to the problem of authenticity in physical items for a long time before we eventually decided to start up a company, called Riktig. Riktig, by the way, means “real” or “authentic” in Swedish, since we’re both from [...]

From Student, Straight to Emerging-Tech Entrepreneur

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I consider my embarkation and journey on YouStartIT#5 to be rather serendipitous. A little more than a year ago, I was a stressed out, final year, 21-year-old student, reading for my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Art at the University of Malta. Stress oozed out of my every pore, as I struggled through. But [...]

The story of Braintrip’s pivot away from a dementia-screening product …and then back to it again with renewed vigour

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Braintrip team Having come from a research-oriented background, we initially thought that our idea had to undergo significant modifications before taking on a market-friendly form. For that reason, our original idea for creating a dementia-screening product based on the algorithm that we developed was put aside in favour of a concept that would [...]

BrainTrip wins Special Societal Impact award in Graz

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One of the most important things that we have learned by being part of MITA’s Innovation Hub is the power and value of networking. On top of offering financial and physical resources, MITA empowers its startups to take on separate endeavours independently and with confidence. We believe that BrainTrip has internalized those valuable lessons during [...]

How MITA is Helping Small Startups Manifest Their Monumental Aspirations Into Reality

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One would expect that a relatively young startup such as BrainTrip would be taking a chance with any kind of accelerator in order to jumpstart its initiation into the ever-changing world of business. The rigidity of our scientific spirit, however, ensured that we remain incredibly selective when it comes to whom we chose to trust [...]

Why make a game on the blockchain

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As I was switching back to video games from ordinary iOS apps and both playing and designing board games, the rest of my co-founders explored the growing world of the blockchain, mining crypto, poorly investing in ICOs and, finally, learning how to create decentralized apps. Late spring last year as we were talking about Crypto [...]

Fintech Meetup on Banks, Cards and Crypto – January 2019

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In the last half of 2018, Fintechs raised a record $62 billion in investment globally. Despite 2018 being the torrid time for cryptocurrencies, blockchain – the underlying technology behind cryptocurrencies – had its best year ever both in terms of money raised and in number of deals. Source: Pitchbook These developments matter for Malta, as it [...]

TechWeave share their vision of a one-Nation DLT Framework

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In the global race of DLT implementation, the Government of Malta embarked into an ambitious mission to claim itself as The Blockchain Island, positioning the Nation at the front-line and cleverly regulating the sector thus creating favourable external conditions.  Consequently Blockchain companies are attracted to invest in Malta. Regulating the sector is an important milestone, [...]

A proprietary DLT with the potential for multi-million savings may be cooking at MIH Accelerator

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On the 5th floor in the 5th tower at Smart City an early stage Maltese start-up, TechWeave, is cooking a proprietary Permissioned Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) that has the potential to revolutionise our society and business ecosystem. SafeNet™ DLT, is a highly interoperable, scalable and secure peer-to-peer protocol designed to decentralise and automate complex processes, [...]

TARSOS: MedTech startup in YouStartIT#3

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A Maltese startup is developing wearable systems to continuously monitor individuals living with diabetes during their daily activities in order to detect arising foot complications at an early stage and reduce the risk of foot ulcerations and amputations. The startup, TARSOS, was founded by two researchers from the University of Malta, Dr Owen Falzon from [...]