TechWeave share their vision of a one-Nation DLT Framework

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In the global race of DLT implementation, the Government of Malta embarked into an ambitious mission to claim itself as The Blockchain Island, positioning the Nation at the front-line and cleverly regulating the sector thus creating favourable external conditions.  Consequently Blockchain companies are attracted to invest in Malta. Regulating the sector is an important milestone, [...]

A proprietary DLT with the potential for multi-million savings may be cooking at MIH Accelerator

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On the 5th floor in the 5th tower at Smart City an early stage Maltese start-up, TechWeave, is cooking a proprietary Permissioned Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) that has the potential to revolutionise our society and business ecosystem. SafeNet™ DLT, is a highly interoperable, scalable and secure peer-to-peer protocol designed to decentralise and automate complex processes, [...]

TARSOS: MedTech startup in YouStartIT#3

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A Maltese startup is developing wearable systems to continuously monitor individuals living with diabetes during their daily activities in order to detect arising foot complications at an early stage and reduce the risk of foot ulcerations and amputations. The startup, TARSOS, was founded by two researchers from the University of Malta, Dr Owen Falzon from [...]

Lessons learned from our experience at YouStartIT#3

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TechWeave is an early-stage start-up and one of the eight selected in the YouStartIT#3 cohort, an intense four-month programme run by the MITA Innovation Hub (MIH). The founders created TechWeave with the vision to see a better connected Maltese e-Society, where the stakeholders including the Government, its agencies and departments, citizens, the private sector (businesses) [...]

The expansion we dream of

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One year ago a team got together with no investment but with a dream of forever changing the current delivery industry, bringing it away from the outdated methods and into the game-changing digital solutions of this time. Everyone to this day has at least once ordered something online and probably has been put off [...]

Freshy – Think Global!

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Global thinking, an international scale of business beyond the local market, is our main focus deeply integrated in the DNA of our company. Freshy is a growing business founded in 2016. Our startup journey started from the JAYE (Junior Achievement Young Enterprise) Startup Programme where we competed with twelve teams of young and talented entrepreneurs. [...]

Agristat – a milestone in providing a free downloadable solution to a problem for winegrowers

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Necessity is the mother of invention. Such is the case for the majority of ideas and companies that are constantly being developed on a daily basis. The common scenario for starting a business is to help in making people’s lives easier. This is done either by solving a current problem, a long existing problem or [...]

How we came up with our THATSpace idea

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Many complain it’s not easy to come up with a good business idea and make it happen.  A good business idea is really a solution for a problem shared by a group of people, but turned into a business opportunity. So when we gripe about things like traffic, education, or whatever bothers us, seldom do [...]