AI, Blockchain, AR and IOT at the core of YouStartIT tech entrepreneurs’ projects

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“He is a coach that took me to a level that no one ever did”. These are the words Usain Bolt used to describe Glen Mills, Head Coach of the Jamaican Olympic athletics’ team, whose rigorous attention to detail and technical expertise allowed him to analyse, deconstruct and rebuild Bolt’s running style. Bolt, the greatest [...]

The role of mentors at MITA’s YouStartIT accelerator

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Accelerators are sometimes referred to as mentor-driven programmes. But first let’s define what an accelerator is, and why mentors are so important. In the classic investor-driven model, an accelerator is a human institution that runs a programme that adds value to a startup. In other words, an accelerator “buys” startups by taking a share of [...]

YouStartIT#5 Pre-Acceleration Completed – who made it to the accelerator?

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It was a long six-week journey for the eight startups who made it to the final phase of YouStartIT#5 pre-acceleration period. Submitting an excellent application by the stipulated deadline was just the first step. Our evaluators needed more information and invited each of the top 15 startups to an online interview for an in-depth assessment [...]

Validator Programme Pitching Session – What’s the result?

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After five intense sessions, a great deal of determination, and lots of hard work, 12 startup teams successfully finished their #YouStartIT Validator Programme by participating in last Saturday's pitching event held at the MITA Data Centre. As per usual #YouStartIT practice, each pitch had to be delivered within five minutes and after that, the judges [...]

Validator Programme comes to an end with 12 teams pitching to get accelerated at YouStartIT

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The Validator Programme comes to an end at tomorrow's pitching session at MITA Data Centre. It will be a closed event, where we will have 12 aspiring tech entrepreneurs pitching to be selected for the YouStartIT intake which will start on 2 September. Five of them led by female entrepreneurs, which is a first since [...]

Startup Week in Catania: so close and yet so far. Or is it really?

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I’m sure a number of you must have realised I was in Catania recently: as a speaker at Techstars Startup Weekend, and as a mentor at Startup Weekend Catania. That happened quite unexpectedly, thanks to an invitation by one of our alumnis, Danilo Mirabile, CEO Beentouch. Well, the outcome was pretty mind-blowing. For starters I [...]

A reflection on the outcome of the YouStartIT#4 shortlisting process

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As you may have heard from our announcement we have shortlisted 14 startups who will be pitching for the €30,000 YouStartIT#4 pre-seed. I cannot deny that getting to this point has been a rollercoaster with many ups and downs trying to make all the deadlines. Of course we’re now thrilled to have got this [...]

YouStartIT#3 and the value of openness

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The process leading to the selection of eight startups as part of the third edition of the YouStartIT programme was, without any shadow of doubt, a roller coaster. We were working to internationalise our call. We just didn’t expect it to happen so massively and so soon. Receiving 94 applications from 19 countries therefore gives [...]

What happens over the Pre-Acceleration phase of YouStartIT?

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We’re now left with only a few days left before closure of the call for applications for the third edition of the YouStartIT Acceleration Programme (the deadline is 28th January, 23:59). Many will be wondering how we are going to decide who should be accelerated. Here are a few details about what will happen over the [...]

How to hack your way into the YouStartIT accelerator

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We’ve just entered into the last month of the application window for YouStartIt#3 – the deadline is 28 January! Over the last few weeks we’ve received quite a few questions regarding the submitted projects. As always, there are a few generic issues quite a few applicants are struggling with. So let me try to give you some tips [...]