We’re very proud to have launched our second edition of the YouStartIT Validator programme last month. This programme complements the Accelerator which is planned to kick off some time in September. Applications on www.mih.mt will close on 18th June. The Validator programme is planned to begin on 6th July, and will be delivered completely online to overcome all the constraints of social distancing mandated by the Covid19 pandemic. Up to four teams will be selected to join our next edition of the Accelerator programme which will earn them the right to earn up to €30,000 to continue to grow their tech project and then apply for further funding. 

We’re looking for ideas to digitise the “new normal” and the fast-tracking of innovations and business continuity solutions in sectors such as healthcare, transport, retail, commerce, catering, enterprise tech and real estate, amongst many others.

But what’s the purpose of the Validator? And why does it complement the Accelerator scheduled to start in September?

The validator programme helps you answer questions like: does my team have sufficient skills or capacity on board to develop an early prototype? Is there really a problem that’s begging to be solved out there? Are there customers out there willing to buy that solution before we actually invest money on building one?

We’ve seen too many teams apply to join the YouStartIT Accelerator with an idea that was largely an untested hypothesis. It is not enough to claim that you have a great idea on the strength of a hunch, a technology that’s in vogue right now, or friends and family telling you that it’s such a cool idea. You first need to do your homework and challenge yourself properly.

What our programme does is help you do that homework, so that when you come to start the YouStartIT programme later this year, you are sufficiently equipped to build your first prototype of your product and begin testing it on the market with your early adopters.

Once you have successfully completed your path through acceleration your team will become a formally registered business undertaking (typically a company), and you will have developed a business plan on the strength of a market tested product and IP. This will further increase your chances of getting funded either through Malta Enterprise’s startup schemes, or by an angel investor who sees potential of scaling up your startup project.More details about the YouStartIT Validator are available on our website: www.mih.mt