“He is a coach that took me to a level that no one ever did”. These are the words Usain Bolt used to describe Glen Mills, Head Coach of the Jamaican Olympic athletics’ team, whose rigorous attention to detail and technical expertise allowed him to analyse, deconstruct and rebuild Bolt’s running style. Bolt, the greatest sprinter of all time, heavily relied on Mills’ expertise and trusted him deeply.

Achieving excellence, whether in sports or other areas, like business, doesn’t only require delivering at your utmost performance. It requires you to constantly push your limits – a state when your physical, mental and physiological capabilities are constantly overstretched. Few of us can force ourselves to perform at such levels for so long. That’s why we need frameworks, plans and programmes… and special people to coach and test us. This is the role startup accelerators take, with wide networks of business and technical coaches and mentors. And each of these programmes is only as good as the quality of the people involved in delivering them.
The MITA-run startup accelerator – YouStartIT – has a curriculum designed for early-stage tech companies. Its ambition is to transform projects with nothing more than a well-thought-through idea and some basic mockups or prototypes into a launchable, market-ready venture. DELTA Summit 2019 will feature a Startup Village where it is possible to meet the young entrepreneurs behind these projects. Each one of these projects aims to exploit a currently untapped market opportunity.
The startup projects span various sectors and technologies, covering Blockchain, Internet of Things, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and cellular technology. The first six projects are from the programme that started barely four weeks ago, four from past editions, and Siwego, a guest startup being hosted as part of a startup exchange programme.
VestisAI (Malta), a private, tailor-made and AI-supported fashion adviser for those interested in being well-dressed but too shy to ask for help elsewhere.
Riktig (Sweden), addresses the problem of counterfeiting high-end products. It helps manufacturers and consumers by allowing verification of products through a smartphone app.
GreenflyAI (UK), optimises the processing time of customer support queries by AI-supported sentiment analysis.
Zink (Malta), the limitations of photography and videography are such that one could never truly re-live a recorded memory once again. Zink enables users to watch their framed memories come alive in a multi-sensory 360°.
Secura (Malta), solves a problem based on rental tenant misconduct and lessor malpractice, which derives from the lack of a legal framework in the rental industry. Secura provides a regulatory framework for lease registrations and deposit disputes or collection via smart contracts.
Celuna (Malta), helps students stay focused and motivated to use their time more efficiently when studying, while reducing their time spent on mobile devices.
Cryptic Legends (Serbia), a game platform based on tradeable cards, co-designed by players and exchangeable between other game genres and games built by the Cryptic Legends team.
Beentouch (Italy), a cross-platform communication Voice over IP service, designed to tackle the problem of low bandwidth connection in the rural areas of third world countries.
Holoroad (Poland), allows visually impaired people to substantially improve their seeing abilities. It is based on a holoset device designed to compensate for the effects of eye diseases.
Tarsos (Malta), a wearable sock developed to detect early signs of ulceration among people suffering from diabetes. The device can therefore help avoid worsening foot complications and amputations.
SiWeGO (Italy), utilises an opportunity behind a free space in transport vehicles. SiWeGO allows both private and professional drivers to deliver goods on behalf of third parties.
The startups will be exhibiting on 3-4 October at the GO Ventures Startup Village of DELTA Summit at the MFCC – Malta Fairs & Conventions Centre in Attard.