The Validator Programme comes to an end at tomorrow’s pitching session at MITA Data Centre. It will be a closed event, where we will have 12 aspiring tech entrepreneurs pitching to be selected for the YouStartIT intake which will start on 2 September. Five of them led by female entrepreneurs, which is a first since MITA Innovation Hub’s existence, making it all so exciting.

I must say that for a programme that we designed in a relatively short period beginning in January it has produced very encouraging results, which we intend to plough back in forthcoming programmes.

Beyond all expectations all the teams worked extremely hard in validating their proposed startup projects. On the top of the research and the number crunching – it was so inspiring to watch the teams put in so much passion and dedication, particularly during today’s bootcamp. This was so humbling for us coaches and mentors.

No doubt the judges will have a very hard job to select up to four possibly five teams to be given the opportunity to startup with our Euro 30,000 pre-seed.