One of the most important things that we have learned by being part of MITA’s Innovation Hub is the power and value of networking. On top of offering financial and physical resources, MITA empowers its startups to take on separate endeavours independently and with confidence. We believe that BrainTrip has internalized those valuable lessons during our time at MITA. Our recent collaboration with #ScienceParkGraz is an example of taking that on board.


Science Park Graz (SPG) was originally envisioned as a vessel for university graduates who aspire to have their creative ideas materialized. Having built a multifaceted network of experts, SPG has managed to reach individuals beyond the traditional university-based setting and include prospective entrepreneurs from all walks of life, professional backgrounds, and nationalities.


That said, it is important to acknowledge that excellence in entrepreneurship remains the primary focus of SPG’s operations. With aspirations to identify the next big thing, SPG does not only publish open calls for applications, but they also encourage the network of their mentors to scout for talent on-location. Through one such effort, when they attended one of our pitches at HTH Styria, they identified BrainTrip as a potential contributor to their project. More precisely, they nominated our company for an award in the category “Special Societal Impact”. After travelling to Graz and delivering an improved version of our pitch, we were invited to attend the ceremony where it was announced that we had been selected as winners in the mentioned category.


This award means a great deal to us for several different reasons. Being recognized at early stages of development serves as a great motivator to a young startup. Although the committee only saw our 3D-printed model, the structure and the delivery of our pitch helped them envision our idea coming to fruition. Having been conceived within a scientific background, the project that is BrainTrip is inseparable from the notion of social responsibility. We have never wanted to be a startup that is exclusively profit-driven. While the prospect of generating revenue remains important to our efforts, we are dedicated to making a positive change in the lives of people struggling with dementia. SPG giving us an award in the category “Special Societal Impact” is a testament to that commitment. Naturally, we are aware of the importance that our journey with MITA has had on our evolution as a startup and we would certainly not be where we are today without them.