Validator Programme Pitching Session – What’s the result?

By |2019-10-17T11:24:02+02:00May 13th, 2019|MIH team contribution|

After five intense sessions, a great deal of determination, and lots of hard work, 12 startup teams successfully finished their #YouStartIT Validator Programme by participating in last Saturday's pitching event held at the MITA Data Centre. As per usual #YouStartIT practice, each pitch had to be delivered within five minutes and after that, the judges [...]

Validator Programme comes to an end with 12 teams pitching to get accelerated at YouStartIT

By |2019-09-21T00:13:51+02:00May 10th, 2019|MIH team contribution|

The Validator Programme comes to an end at tomorrow's pitching session at MITA Data Centre. It will be a closed event, where we will have 12 aspiring tech entrepreneurs pitching to be selected for the YouStartIT intake which will start on 2 September. Five of them led by female entrepreneurs, which is a first since [...]

BrainTrip wins Special Societal Impact award in Graz

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One of the most important things that we have learned by being part of MITA’s Innovation Hub is the power and value of networking. On top of offering financial and physical resources, MITA empowers its startups to take on separate endeavours independently and with confidence. We believe that BrainTrip has internalized those valuable lessons during [...]