As I was switching back to video games from ordinary iOS apps and both playing and designing board games, the rest of my co-founders explored the growing world of the blockchain, mining crypto, poorly investing in ICOs and, finally, learning how to create decentralized apps.

Late spring last year as we were talking about Crypto Kitties and how blockchain can make digital assets almost as tangible as if they where physical I got really inspired and excited, and this was solely from the perspective of a regular game designer. The fact that for the past several years I have been meddling with board game design only added to the excitement, as one of the things that video games lack is exactly this tangibility.

Another thing that added to my personal hype about all this is the fact that I had just recently watched this documentary tv show called The Toys That Made Us that went through the history of action figures including Barbie, yes, but also He-Man, Star Wars, G.I. Joe. And I remembered that when I was a kid and played with toys, I dreamed of one day creating toys. Blockchain came really nicely here presenting an opportunity to create action figures without having to deal with the whole process of manufacturing and storing the physical goods. That is almost exactly what digital heroes are when they are stored on the blockchain – digital action figures.

And Cryptic Legends was there in an instant. Everything is based around the heroes. They come with pieces of the story about the game’s world and since they are stored in the blockchain we can create a multitude of different games for different people to play – similar to what you could do when you were a kid, where you could place your He-Man in any scenario that you could come up with.

In Cryptic Legends we truly believe that video game industry can benefit from integrating blockchain, providing great value to both players and developers, and I would personally love to see more people from the game development side exploring this topic.