One would expect that a relatively young startup such as BrainTrip would be taking a chance with any kind of accelerator in order to jumpstart its initiation into the ever-changing world of business. The rigidity of our scientific spirit, however, ensured that we remain incredibly selective when it comes to whom we chose to trust on the journey of grooming our company for the global market. It was precisely our grounding in science that helped us thoroughly examine all aspects of turning our ideas into a profitable business. With that in mind, it is safe to say that MITA wasn’t just another program on the list of possible options for us to choose, but rather the result of a careful analysis carried out by our team.

While BrainTrip’s aspiration to help individuals gain important and accurate insights into how their lifestyle affects their brain is rather ambitious, our background in the ever-skeptical world of science helps us keep a level head. We do not want to promise our future customers the unobtainable things that our competitors do, but we are confident that we can offer them a high-quality service, at a lower cost, and with complete transparency. For that reason, the socioeconomic setting of our first big project was very important to us. Having placed our primary focus on the excellence of scientific research as well as the level of quality at which we choose to have our products and services delivered, securing an enviroment which would make the materializing of such intentions possible represented a major stepping stone for our company. Malta has, by all means, exceeded these expectations.

As a world-renowned advocate of entrepreneurship and technological innovation, this dazzling Mediterannean enchantress has provided a solid groundwork for the marketability of our scientific designs. In addition to helping BrainTrip translate its science-driven innovation into a sound business plan, MITA’s cultivation of a traditionally warmhearted Maltese magnanimity has made all of our team members feel at home. With over a decade of our team members’ combined experience in a stress-inducing field of scientific research, being welcomed by an organization that puts an emphasis on balance was refreshing.

With its irresistibly chic office space, a dedicated leadership, and a nurturing ambiance that caters to all the needs of its engagers, MITA’s Innovation Hub makes it one of its priorities to elevate the corporate culture above its traditionally icy modus operandi. Such an approach has proven to be incredibly effective, as it has not only assisted startups on their way of launching successful projects, but rather empowered them to become independent corporate entities of their own caliber. In the case of BrainTrip – the only startup funded by the 2018/19 innovation grant to be developing both hardware and software – MITA’s support has been crucial in the execution of our ideas. Coupled with excellent assistance in terms of logistics, MITA’s infrastructure has opened doors for networking with first-class investors and possible partners. We at BrainTrip recognize that such strategy has provided fertile ground for a further development of our business model, whereby we expect to empower people on their path of improving their overall wellbeing.