One year ago a team got together with no investment but with a dream of forever changing the current delivery industry, bringing it away from the outdated methods and into the game-changing digital solutions of this time. Everyone to this day has at least once ordered something online and probably has been put off by the length that such product took to arrive at their homes. As society progresses, the shipping methods seem to have remained a step back and to lack the kind of quick response that in many other industries is now expected and fulfilled. The absence of a modern delivery option doesn’t mean that there is a lack of request for it.  End consumers complain about stolen, lost and delayed parcels, and businesses struggle to face the backlash of any courier problems. That’s where ZEEW intends to step in, creating an easy and quick solution to all of these problems. 

After eventually receiving investment from YouStartIT accelerator programme run by MITA Innovation Hub, LatBAN pitch competition,  Startupwiseguys Investment and WeXelerate batch II in Vienna, ZEEW opened offices in Malta and Latvia.

In February 2018 we decided to integrate blockchain technology and use smart contracts for the ZEEW transactions, meaning that the already planned change that this project was going to apply to the way we choose, order and deliver orders became even a more revolutionary solution. Since then, ZEEW included a B2B infrastructure built on blockchain to allow any business that has multiple locations to monitor, track and even deliver products within minutes to any location in the world.

The current lifestyle of many people all over the globe requires a service that is more integrated and that can be accessed without any issues or delays. A solution that can be applied even for food services, as the quick and efficient aspect is required in many industries nowadays.

In April the ICO campaign started with a sold out pre-sale of a 1,000,000 ZEEW at a 50% discount, confirm the need and interest in this type of futuristic service. Following that, the first sale will begin on the 14th of May and it will be just one of the first steps that can allow ZEEW to turn that initial idea into a reality.

The plan is to not stay small, and as such 50% of the money raised through the ICO will go into expanding to a global level, reaching 14 new countries such as Poland, Germany, France and more in just 3 years. Every country has now adapted to a society where services and products can be quickly accessed with just a couple of clicks, and as such the delivery industry can’t stay behind or it will mean a significant loss of sales for those businesses that miss out on integrating a digital solution to the way they provide their products to customers.

Most people would be discouraged to purchase something if they knew it was going to take so long to be dispatched and arrive at their houses. In worst cases, people who need something urgently will have to wait for the much-needed product and might risk to never receive it if, like it quite often happens, it gets lost or stolen. The dangers of something coming in between the courier and the person receiving the orders need this modern solution, so that the potential customer can finally be completely guaranteed that when they press ‘purchase’ on a screen they will definitely receive the desired product.

A more productive and successful way not only to acquire things online but to also do business on multiple platforms, as less time spent dealing with courier issues means more time spent improving the company and providing excellent customer service that doesn’t involve disappointed customers who never received their order.

Before you know it the ZEEW logo will be all over the major cities around the globe, being advertised by satisfied users and couriers with supportive comments and advertising bags. A project like this is based on a continuous support within a community and as such it wouldn’t be the same if it didn’t allow anyone, no matter the location, to access excellent standards of delivery methods at any time.