There are a few sentences you keep hearing over and over again while working with startups, like: “Are you signing NDAs?”, “Once shared, how do I know my startup idea is protected?”, “What measures should I take to protect my idea from leaking to unwanted publicity?”

These are good questions, once asked at the right moment. But let’s stop here for a moment and think about the sense of rising walls around something representing value. Does an idea itself have value? Or is it rather the execution that adds value to a raw concept?

Personally I tend to lean towards the latter. What makes a difference is the speed and quality of your efforts in putting your idea on the market. It’s so difficult to make yourself committed and up to speed, but once the momentum is there, building fences around your project and team is just not optimal.

There are plenty of great articles out there making a claim: every entrepreneur needs a mentor (this one here is pretty good in being explicit on the why). And there’s no better way of finding and securing a great mentor for your project than being open about what you do. This is probably the single most important reason for which you’ll keep hearing/reading that sharing and openness is a fundamental principle of a thriving startup community. Malta is no different. Hence, it’s so important to secure a critical mass of opportunities for our community members to meet, share and get inspired (for a start :))

Hope you’ll share with us some cool examples of what’s currently happening (or what’s missing and you’d love to see happening in Malta). From my end I think I can already give you a hint about the next edition of Malta Startup Weekend to take place in the first half of November. So do yourself a favour, make sure you attend and take your startup idea to a higher level!