Have you ever wondered what it takes to change your ideas into a viable business? To be your own boss? What sacrifices you need to come to terms with to live the life of an entrepreneur?
Providing you with these answers is one of the key reasons why the MIH is bringing Startup Weekend on board prior its pre-acceleration and (seed funded) acceleration programs.
The concept of Startup Weekend events – taking place in +140 countries and +1000 cities every year – is in itself a tried and tested tool to build the motivational and strategic capabilities of aspiring entrepreneurs. Over a weekend event (54-hours), participants are given the opportunity to simulate the pre-startup and early-stage activities of a new entrepreneurial venture: from having to identify a client base through to pitching their projects to prospect investors.
The Startup Weekend event can be considered a hybrid cross-breed between a whirlwind startup acceleration program and intense entrepreneurial training. What Startup Weekend achieves for budding entrepreneurs is emulating the leap from bare ideas, through to team building, co-funding, validating, prototyping and finally launching and scaling up. The focus on small teams, building trust and engaging with mentors and potential investors actually becomes a mini-replication of an entrepreneurial ecosystem.
Being involved in launching all Maltese additions of Startup Weekend (since 2013) I’ve been asked many times “What’s next?” “How do you plan to keep up the momentum?”
We’ve experimented with several different approaches but at the start of this year I can finally say: We’re ready to walk you through team formation, idea validation, prototyping and (seed) funding – step-by-step, but all as one consistent process! Thanks to the collaboration with MITA Innovation HUB, Startup Weekend is synching up with the YouStartIT pre-acceleration programme (kicking off two weeks after the SW) and then acceleration and funding. Have a look here (the link) to find out what’s in store!
Test yourself as a budding entrepreneur! Start planning your availability for the weekend of 3-5 March and we’ll work together on taking your business idea to the next level!